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Step 1: Get your Distinctive SWOT Template


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SWOT Analysis

Now that you have your template let's find out how to use it!



Step 2: Populate the Template


Add all of your strengths/weaknesses and opportunity/threats to the template.

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SWOT Analysis


Once you have added your content to the template you can use its unique strategic value to your advantage



Step 3: Consider Interactions


The advantage of this SWOT template is that it has four quadrants that make it easy for you to quickly and simply identify where your internal and external strategic environments interact. These four quadrants are the

  • Area of Opportunity, where your internal strengths will help you to take advantage of your external opportunities
  • Area of Missed Opportunity, where your internal strengths will help you to mitigate your external threats
  • Area of Work, where your internal weaknesses restrict your ability to take advantage of your external opportunities
  • Area of Concern, where your internal weaknesses will restrict your ability to mitigate your threats


SWOT Template

Now, let's look at what this looks like in practice



Step 4: Map your Interactions


In the diagram below we have identified two examples

  1. The first identifies your strength "Access to capital funds" interacts well with an opportunity to buy into your supply chain, referred to as backward integration.
  2. The second identifies that the business has "No established relationships with customers" which could increase the threat from "Low cost imports"



Now that you have an understanding on how to use this template, you can start work on your own distinctive SWOT analysis right away, or scroll down for more great SWOT links.


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