SWOT Analysis Example

SWOT Analysis Example

For a department in a large business

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Departmental SWOT

This sample SWOT analysis was completed for a department of a large financial services firm. The department is located in a regional area (Smaller town) and provides a range of customer service functions to the local community.





  1. Personal service to our customers, we are local
  2. Locals know us well and prefer to deal with someone who lives in the town
  3. We know the local environment and are seen as insiders
  1. No sales growth in our region
  2. Restricted by corporate policies which prevent us from diversifying the business locally




  1. Diversify locally to reduce cost base and increase competitiveness
  2. Centralize some processing locally to increase value from our capital asset and to leverage our low cost regional rent (Compared with head office)
  3. Minimal local competition, customers who choose to deal locally can really only deal with us.
  1. Centralization of "core functions" into head office will reduce the size of the regional office
  2. Population migration from regional centers to capital cities reduces potential customer base
  3. Drought impacts customers ability to trade which impacts our business performance
  4. A local franchise operator could provide the same service in a diversified business with an overall lower cost base


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