SWOT Analysis Examples

SWOT Analysis Examples

Timber Mill

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Timber Mill SWOT

This analysis of a timber mills strategic environment is one of our examples. The mill is a medium sized timber mill located in a country town, where it is the major employer. The mills primary product is timber for housing frames, with some secondary products such as furniture grade timber.

The mill employs 300 employees across three production shifts, it purchases its raw material mainly from plantation forest and distributes through a web of distributors, who generally on sell to timber truss and frame  manufacturers.

This example was initially produced by an MBA student as part of their studies, and is formatted in our simple SWOT analysis template. You will note those colored Plum are good examples, the others do not meet the criteria for inclusion.





  1. Use advanced technology giving position of overall cost leadership
  2. High quality forestry inputs   
  3. Sound financial position of business allows us to consider investment opportunities
  4. Great employee relationships  
  5. Large percentage of staff with a lot of  industry experience
  6. Senior managers are well networked with customers and distributors
  7. Good management systems in place with reputation for safety and quality
  1. Plant is only efficient at peak production volumes
  2. Raw material supplied need to be planted 12 years in advance of consumption
  3. Lack of control over supply chain
  4. Customers, distributors, are not loyal to suppliers
  5. Manufacturing in a country town is a distance from main customers in big cities




  1. Furniture grade timbers are not subject to as much variation in demand as framing timber
  2. Attractive investment tax relief in forestry
  3. Housing growth in non traditional sales regions
  4. Growth in demand for timber waste products, bark and chip


  1. Substitute products for housing such as steel frames may erode market size of timber frames
  2. Down turn in the economy will impact demand for timber frames
  3. Competitors bidding for forestry may reduce supply of raw material
  4. Reduction in the availability of old growth forest
  5. Public perception that logging contributes to global warming
  6. Consolidation of distributors is  increasing their buyer power



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