Supervision and Team Leadership

Supervision & Team Leadership

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Supervision and Team Leadership

Supervising a group of people should be viewed as a great privilege. In your role as a supervisor you and you alone will influence the motivation and morale of your team. By providing a positive workplace your people will become positive, this positivism will enrich every aspect of their lives. When you look at the role of a team leader, the role is to give people the gift of self belief, to believe that they are valuable and their contribution is worthwhile.

All of the techniques that you will need to use are included here, why not take five minutes and brows the expertly prepared content rich pages and discover the great leader within.



What is Supervision?

If you talk to a few managers you will quickly find that there are a number of different views on the role of a supervisor or a team leader. Some of these views focus on what team leaders actually do rather than focusing on what they should be doing. There is also a variation in what managers are willing to delegate responsibility to their team leaders for. As a result of this variation there are three distinct supervision or team leader roles. Read about each of these three types of supervision roles



Discover the 9 must have Team Leader Capabilities

There are 9 key capabilities that all team leaders must have. These 9 key team leader capabilities are universal capabilities. Once you have these capabilities you will be able to work as a team leader in any organization or in any industry. Today, you can access, free of charge, a professionally prepared self assessment for each of these 9 effective leadership skills which can also be used to assist with your development.

You owe it to yourself to be successful!



How can I motivate my team?

Motivating people is the most important function of a team leader, the level of motivation in your team can effect productivity by as much as 100%. Find out how you can make a significant difference to your team's motivation in just a few weeks, using our proven, easy to learn techniques



Building a high performing team

There is a strong relationship between your leadership behavior (the things you do with your time at work) and the performance of your employees.

If you are like most team leaders, you will want to lead a high performing team. A team where your highly engaged team members continuously strive to achieve higher and higher levels of performance.

So, how do you build a high performing team?

Given that your employee’s performance is directly related to the things you do as a leader, if you want to build a high performing team all you need to do is focus on doing the things that add the most value.

To find out about the 7 most effective leadership behaviors

Our coaching and articles are focused on team leader behaviors that result in the development of empowered high performing teams.



Team Communication

70% of leadership is communicating, however 90% of leaders are not very effective at getting their messages through.

Discover the essentials of effective Team Communication and ensure your messages are effective.



Fun Stuff

Work is definitely better if you allow your people to have some fun;

    • Let your team pick a fun team name
    • Have a team member of the month
    • Celebrate birthdays
    • Celebrate years of service
    • Ask quiz questions in your meetings (Goggle quiz questions)
    • Create a crossword or a puzzle (It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes)

Discover how easy it is to create a fun workplace



Running effective meetings

Your employees will look forward to attending your well managed meetings. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about planning and running an effective meeting.

Including sample meeting agenda templates, meeting minutes templates and detailed how to guide.



Important things you must know



Getting your first team leader job

Getting your first team leader job can be a challenge.

See our interview tips and techniques that will help you to get your first team leader job.



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