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Now you can evaluate your own employee motivation techniques, use this leadership capability statement to determine if you are truely passionate about your people.


Leaders who are passionate



Every Employee’s People Care Responsibilities

At work you

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Are a positive and enthusiastic person
  • Use social pleasantries everyday (Good morning, good bye, thankyou, please)
  • Know something about each person you work with
  • Use positive language


Leadership Essentials, you

At work you

  • Are considerate of and you prioritise your peoples needs
  • You compete one-on-one feedback sessions regularly
  • Give regular informal feedback to all of your people
  • Set performance goals for each of your people
  • Drive reward and recognition in your area
  • Complete regular coaching with your people
  • Know your peoples strengths
  • Acknowledge your people’s contribution
  • Hold regular team meetings
  • Consider the impact of change on your people
  • Consult your people on decisions that impact them
  • Champion your peoples frustrations
  • Deal directly with issues


You are a good leader when you

At work you

  • Encourage your people, through positive affirmation, to aim for high performance
  • Establish reward and recognition systems aligned to business goals that encourage commitment
  • Stand up for people who have demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm for their work
  • Treat all people in all areas as valuable contributors
  • Inspire people with enthusiasm
  • Assist your people with their career planning and networking