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Add the 8 secrets to driving employee performance to your leadership skills!


Build a positive performance management system to motivate your top, middle and poor performers.

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“Improving Business Performance; One Leader at a Time”

About the course
Based on the principles of “productivity through people” this leadership development program focuses on the things a good leader can do to create a high performing team.

In this course, you will learn how to apply the 8 key drivers of employee performance to motivate your top, middle and poor performers. Inspire your team to achieve more than you have previously believed possible.

This unique and exciting program brings, directly to you, the experience of leaders whose teams achieve astounding results.

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You are in the driving seat, complete all modules or select the topics that are of interest you.

What is included?
  • 6 Free leadership development modules
  • World class course conten
  • Discover the key drivers of employee performance
  • Improve employee morale – how to guides
  • Management tips to ensure your success

3 Ways For You To Benefit From Taking This Course

  • Your Business Performance will improve

  • You become more valuable as your leadership skills improve

  • Your team are happier and more productive

Complete the full course OR just read the sections you are interested in – you are in control

What is on this Page?

Overview of the 6 modules in this leadership skills training program

Discover The Eight Key Drivers of Employee Performance

Harness your employee's discretionary effort and achieve amazing results!

There are only eight critical components to a world beating performance management system that will;

  • Keep your stars motivated

  • Encourage middle performers to become stars

  • Resolve poor performance

  • Build your leadership credibility

Take five minutes to review this section, you will find it exceeds all expectations; the content includes

  • A description of the eight key drivers of employee performance

  • A "how to guide" for implementing each key driver with examples

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The eight key drivers of Employee Performance.

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Learn the Secrets to Managing Poor Performance

Do you have an employee who is not meeting expectations?

This section is for you; a comprehensive guide to managing poor performance including

  • Sample performance management flow charts

  • Sample warning letters

  • How to guide for managing difficult people

  • Step by step guidance

This section is currently being upgraded! Why not bookmark this site and revisit in a couple of weeks, or come every day and read another page.

Master One On Ones And Achieve Superior Results

Open candid conversations between a manager and employee make a difference.

The one-on-one is a simple but powerful leadership skill to master. See for yourself how you can use this technique to

  • Win the trust of your employees

  • Win the respect of your employees

  • Win the confidence of your employees

  • Build a stronger business

This section will enable you to take control by providing

  • Clarify what good leaders do in a one-on-one

  • Management tips for planning your one-on-ones

  • Guidance on conducting your one-on-ones

  • Critical information on following up your one-on-ones

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Master one-on-ones and deliver the results you want

What Are Touch Points?
The Best Kept Secret In Leadership

Start using daily touch points and see benefits within a week!

Simple but powerful, Touch points

  • Are one of the best-kept secrets in leadership

  • Make your employee feel valued

  • Provide you with opportunities to influence

This section provides valuable information on

  • What touch points are

  • Examples of touch points

  • Guidance to tailor your touch points for individual needs

Click now to discover the touch point difference
Upgrade your future with the best kept secret in leadership

Having Fun at Work

Section coming soon

Master Giving Feedback To Your Top, Middle And Poorer Performers

The icing on the cake, give feedback leaving your people more motivated to put in the extra effort.

Section coming soon

Navigate Your Way to Improved Team Leadership Skills
Team Leadership Skills
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Week 1
Eight Key Drivers of Employee Performance
Week 2
Managing Poor Performance
Week 3
One on Ones
Week 4
Creating Touch Points
Week 5
Having Fun at Work
Week 6
Program Review
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