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The question what makes a good leader? has a simple answer ..... "passion" ..... someone who is passionate about their craft will naturally develop to be good if not great at their craft. If you choose to be in leadership, and you have passion, I am here to help. Ian Pratt

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Leading People How To Guides

Discover the Top 6 High Performing Team Leadership Capabilities

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Management By Walking Around

  One on One Feedback (O3)

One On One (O3)
Performance Management

  Performance Appraisal

Performance Management
Performance Appraisal
Team Meetings


Team Leadership

Effective Meetings
Team Leadership

Developing Strategy How To Guides

"Developing your strategic capabilities"


SWOT Analysis

  Macro Environment Analysis

SWOT Analysis
Macro Environment Analysis
Industry Environment Analysis

  Internal Analysis

Porters Five Forces
Internal Analysis




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