What Makes a Good Leader?

Developing High Performing Leaders


“Leaders craft an environment where their people will choose to perform at their best” Ian Pratt


Leading People: "How To" Guides

Discover the Top 6 High Performing Team Leadership Capabilities

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Management By Walking Around

  One on One Feedback (O3)

One On One (O3)
Learn how to use your Management By Walking Around (MBWA) to embed change, align your people with your strategy and to engage your employees to unlock their discretionary effort
Effective One on One feedback (O3) engages and motivates your employees, discover the "what makes a good leader" secrets of engaging one on ones, includes sample scripts and free e'learn
Performance Management

  Performance Appraisal

Performance Management
Performance Appraisal
Conversations are only difficult if you approach them the wrong way, learn how you can engage employees in open discussions about their performance
Performance appraisals done well will engage your employees, done poorly will disengage your employees. Llearn how you can use performance appraisals to engage your people
Team Meetings

  Team Leadership

Effective Meetings
Team Leadership
Good team meetings are a lot of fun, participative and engaging. Learn how to use your team meetings to improve teamwork and build commitment to goal achievement
Team performance is directly influenced by the quality of the supervision, find out how you can become a high performing leader
Change Management      

Learn how to engage and motivate your people through change and become known for your implementation capabilities


Developing Strategy How To Guides

"Developing your strategic capabilities"


SWOT Analysis

  Macro Environment Analysis

SWOT Analysis
Macro Environment Analysis
Expertly prepared examples, templates and checklist all provided free ... SWOT Analysis Templates, SWOT Examples
Environmental scanning is the foundation of leadership, learn here what to scan for when developing strategy
Industry Environment Analysis

  Internal Analysis

Porters Five Forces
Internal Analysis
Understanding the competitor landscape and the power your business has in that landscape will empower your business decision making, discover how
Take a good look at your business, learn your strengths and identify areas of risk. Discover how to leverage your strengths to form a compelling strategy




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Strategic Planning guide to develop your Strategic Management capability
Upgrade your strategic planning skills with this free online resource. Pages include how to guide plus strategic management tips and techniques. Great free strategic planning templates provided
Internal Analysis and your value proposition
What makes a good leader is an ability to, through your internal analysis, identify your value proposition or core competencies. Update your SWOT.
Motivation Theory
Motivation Theory.Find out how you can quickly and easily motivate your people and unlock their discretionary effort, without spending a dime.