High Performance Team Leadership Training and Coaching Services


Why Embrace High Performance Team Leadership Training?

Recent studies have shown that organizations with highly engaged staff achieve 202% more than their less engaged competitors. You will find the leaders in these high performing organisations only do a few simple things that their counter parts don’t do.

To help you become a high performing leader and achieve your potential our training and coaching will show you how to analyise your work routine using the principles of Lean Six Sigma and then infuse in what we already know about achieving high performance. Essentially re-engineering your leadership.

Leaders who are open to embracing this leadership re-engineering are guaranteed to see significant improvements in their people’s performance.

What Results can you Anticipate?

Far higher employee engagement
30%-220% improvement in business performance
Observable increases in collaboration and teamwork
Strong employee alignment with strategy

Case Study


A frustrated business owner engaged Ian to assess staffing levels in her new financial planning business. Her employees were telling her they are all too busy and they needed more help.

She was experiencing delays of greater than 8 weeks to deliver plans to her customers and was experiencing some frustration with her staff and business processes.

In only six weeks of high performance coaching and process improvement she and her team achieved a reduction of 50% in time to deliver plans to customers and an 81% improvement in team productivity. Instead of needing more staff she now has surplus employee capacity that will allow her to grow her business, develop her staff and further improve her customer's experience.

Collectively organizations have reengineered every other area
of their business now its time to reengineer your leadership.

Ian Pratt has developed a unique model for putting a lean lens on your leadership that has been tested over time and is proven to deliver 30%-220% improvement in team performance.

Almost every manager has it in them to be a great leader our team leadership training and coaching programs are designed to create small changes each week that together over 6 – 8 weeks will make a big difference to your team's performance.

Team Leadership Training & Coaching Services

Individual Team Leadership Coaching
Achieve high team performance
  1. Learn leadership techniques that work
  2. Eliminate employee frustrations from your day
  3. Review performance planning and measurement systems
Lead highly engaged teams
Develop strong change leadership capability
Improve relationships
Prioritise improvement effort
Improve team processes
Improve relationships
Small and Medium Business Improvement
Improve Profit
Leadership coaching
Business planning
Process Improvement
Business analysis and improvement
Support to implement change
Improving service standards
Organizational improvement
Bring your strategy to life and engage your people
Analysis of leadership and management activities
Developing and executing change plans to drive a high performance culture
Training and coaching of mangers/leaders in high performance leadership
Embedding leadership change
Measuring improvements in business performance
High Performance Leadership
Applying a lean lens to reengineer your leadership
Positive feedback that will engage your employees hearts and minds
Change management for people leaders
Tailored leadership training to meet your needs

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