Your Guide to Strategic Leadership

Gaining an insight into strategic leadership is a cornerstone skill for all leaders, as you rise through the ranks of the business world you will need to continually refine your strategic planning skills.

You can add “wow” to your leadership style by developing a keen eye for strategic issues and further by including strategic content in your day-to-day communications.

By being able to translate the organisational strategy into day-to-day language and through effectively communicating the strategic plan to your staff you will improve how your staff perceived your leadership skills, you will gain influence and improve your ability to contribute to the achievement of the businesses strategic objectives.

This strategic planning guide and included strategic planning template will assist you to develop a best in class strategic plan that will impress.

Strategic Leadership: What Do Strategic Leaders Do?

Strategic leaders develop and maintain knowledge of their strategic environment; they understand and keep abreast of industry trends and they take action in response to their observations.

This strategic planning process and free strategic planning template will provide you with the tools to put you on the path to “wow” strategic leadership.

Once you have a grasp of strategic planning you will be well positioned to commence strategic thinking.

Strategic Planning Verse Strategic Thinking: A Contemporary Debate

Some people will tell you that strategic planning is dead or old school, which is only partly true.

Strategic planning as an annual event in your business calendar is not necessary ideal – this is often replaced these days with ongoing strategic thinking.

However there are many circumstances where you as a leader may benefit from obtaining the level of strategic knowledge that you will get from a strategic planning exercise.

For example: if you have moved into a new role or new business then, using your strategic leadership skills, you can use a formal strategic planning exercise to improve your knowledge of the business operating environment and to validate the current business priorities.

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