company director

by james jay
(invercargill, southland, NZ)

In my line of business I will identify a number of pestle awarneses that may affect me in the future.

P-politics- up and coming general election may lead to a change of government therefore changes in government policies. eg.changes to the building code this making work currently ok to do under current law less likely under strick building laws.

E- economicly- inrest rates, low dollar (fuel cost going up), FBL franchise fees increase.

S- Social- lower decial ppl moving or living into Invercargill, meaning that they are mainly renters this increasing the need for rental properties this should increase the need for more maintainance work needed done on these properties.

T-Tecnology- continuious changes in tecnology allows us to target
cutomers who communicate by some means of electronic media

l- legal- building consencese may be required for work not previously needed, health and safety.

E- environment- we can help customers in this area by removing their rubbish to the appropriate place for recycling.

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