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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Our leadership experts have created content rich online material that will assist with the development of your leadership capabilities. Including practical guidance, tips and techniques .......... and all of the forms you will need. Visit the Leadership Skill Quick Find Index to find everything you will need!

For team leaders there is also a Supervision quick find page that provides everything a supervisor will need to help you to master this first level of management.

Some of this sites more frequently visited leadership pages include Performance Management, Performance Appraisal, and the Top 9 effective leadership skills.

The "what makes a good leader" team are committed to providing more high quality, practical free online resources to help with your development.



Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning experts have developed world class online content that will help guide you through the process of Strategic Planningdeveloping your own strategic plan. Visit our strategic planning quick find index to quickly navigate to a "how to guide" that will suite your needs and download our free templates.

Also see SWOT Analysis, Macro Environment Analysis, Porters five forces, Internal Analysis.

Free templates: SWOT, Strategic Planning, Macro Environment Analysis, Industry Analysis (Also see porters five forces)

SWOT Analysis: learn all about a SWOT Analysis, from your internal strengths and weaknesses to your external Opportunities and Threats, find many examples and three SWOT templates to choose from.

The what makes a good leader site offers you an opportunity to show case your strategic skills by allowing you to upload your own environmental observations. To show case your analysis skills click here!

For small business we offer a simple strategic planning process with detailed how to guides and simple templates that will help you to achieve your goals.

Porters Five Forces: Michael Porters five forces are regarded as the standard approach for determining the nature of competitive forces in your industry. Read about each of porters five forces 1. The Bargaining Power of Suppliers 2. The Bargaining Power of Customers 3. Threat of New Entrants 4. Threat of Substitute Products 5. Industry Rivalry





Our leadership experts have combined their talents to connect you with premium quality online coaching materials designed to expand your knowledge and keep you current with trends in the team leader role.

Discover everything you need to know if you are or aspire to be a team leader


Bonus Material, How to Guides

  • How to plan and conduct your one on ones
  • How to manage poor performance


How would you like to get into the minds of your people and motivate them to share your vision?

Learn the secret power of Management By Walking Around, click MBWA


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Learn expert leadership tips and techniques

Click here to get your SWOT how to guide, including three free templates


Feedback that Motivates

Discover how you can quickly and easily give positive feedback that inspires your people to exceed expectations

Click here to get your hands on this exciting how to guide