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Understanding SWOT Weaknesses

During your SWOT analysis you will consider a variety of weaknesses from within your business. It is important to note that these weaknesses will all be internal to your business.

Weakness Defined: A weakness is a core capability of your business where your competitor(s) have an advantage over your business, which your customers value i.e. you failed the better than your competitors test.

You will find your weaknesses only when completing your internal analysis. (to learn more about your internal analysis, click here)



Some Possible Weaknesses

When completing your analysis you will find that your weaknesses will generally fit into two categories

  1. Tangible Weaknesses, these tend to be weaknesses that can be precisely identified, measured or realized
  2. Intangible Weaknesses, these tend to be weaknesses that can not be physically touched or physically measured


Some examples of weaknesses that maybe found in your business include

Some possible tangible weaknesses that you may find in your business

  • Old or outdated plant and equipment
  • Narrow product line
  • Insufficient financial resources to fund changes
  • High costs (Not high price, high costs specifically refers to your operating costs)
  • Inferior technology
  • Low volume and restricted in your ability to scale up

Some possible intangible weaknesses that you may find in your business

  • Weak or unrecognizable brand
  • Weak or unrecognizable image
  • Poor relationships with your customers
  • Poor relationships with your suppliers
  • Poor relationships with your employees
  • Marketing failing to meet objectives
  • Manager inexperience
  • Low R&D
  • Low industry knowledge
  • Low innovative skills



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Remember SWOT weaknesses are internal to your business and will be identified during your internal analysis. Weaknesses are areas where your competitors are better than you.




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