Strategic Planning Template

Strategic Planning Template

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With our easy to complete professional looking strategic planning template you will have more time to focus on your strategic thinking.


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Getting the Most From Your Templates

You will find that almost all organizations will develop their business plans their own way, based on the individual preferences of the organizations managers, some people will write incredibly long documents while others will be concise and will fit on a single page


Good leaders keep their plans short and concise, Why?


The shorter your strategic planning document is the easier it will be to communicate your strategy.


People who have long strategic planning documents tend to produce the document on a semi annual basis and they leave their analysis in the final document.


Whilst we provide you with a document template to guide your analysis, you should ideally be scanning the external environments constantly looking for change.


In reality, not too many people will read your analysis section, some people will argue that it needs to be there, others will argue it does not need to be there. The final product is up to you and what will work in your organisation.




Strategic Planning Document Tip

If you are new to an industry complete an industry analysis, Porters five forces, to learn about the forces at work in your new industry.



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