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Free Strategic Planning Template

Developing your strategic plan has never been easier!


Get your free strategic planning template here in PDF or MS Word!

"So, you want to produce a good - easy to follow strategic plan!"

You have come to the right place, with our template you will create an easy to follow strategic plan in less time!

To help you to complete your strategic plan we have provided you with a series of easy to follow "How to Guides"

Learning Strategic Analysis

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Free PDF Template

PDF Strategic Planning Template

Free MS Word Template

MS Word Strategic Planning Template

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You might also find our SWOT Analysis Template to be useful, so why not download it while you are here



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Strategic Planning Tips

You will find that almost all organizations will develop their business plans their own way, based on the individual preferences of the organizations managers, some people will write incredibly long documents while others will be concise.

Good leaders keep their plans short and concise.

In reality, not too many people will read your analysis section, some people will argue that it needs to be there, others will argue it does not need to be there. It is up to you.


Tip 1

If you are new to a business or an industry, then keep the analysis section in your plan and ask others to critique it.

Tip 2

If you are updating a business plan using last years as a base, you have two choices

  • Validate the analysis that you completed last year and where your strategic environments have changed, critique the relevance of you current strategy, or
  • Complete the analysis again starting wit a blank sheet of paper.



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