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Learn what culture is and how a leader, like you, can make small subtle changes to your communication messages that will bring about large changes in your business culture

What if managing change in the workplace became so easy that all you have to do is decide what to change and your team changed automatically without the use of complex change programs and without the use of expensive consultants? This is what change management specialist, Ian Pratt, reveals on this web site.

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o Find out, what is culture?

o Discover, culture and the management of change

What is Culture?

To start with lets agree that culture is observable, you can sit silently in your workplace and observe the culture of your business. You can see your people buzzing with energy or taking too many breaks, you can see people taking initiative or sitting back and waiting for direction.

Why can you see your culture?

You can see your culture because your culture is evidenced through the behavior of your people. I know what you are thinking...... everyone's behavior is different ...... and, you are right to be thinking this.

Your culture will have many subcultures, while there are likely to be some similarities in culture across your business, there will also be many differences in culture.

So, with all of this variation, what is your culture?

Your culture is typically described as the dominant or more pronounced behaviors in your business. For example

Imagine you have a group of workers who work hard and a group who slack off a bit, which group is biggest?

If the hard working group is by far the biggest then you have a hard working culture, whereas, if there are more people who slacken off then you have a slack culture.

Obviously a simplified example to illustrate a point

Quick Summary

Your observations of your business culture are through the behavior and actions of your people. The common behaviors of your people, together, form your organizations culture.


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þ Find out, what is culture?

o Discover, culture and the management of change

"So, how does this definition of culture help with your Change Management?"

Culture and the Management of Change

Culture is about employee behavior, so it follows that change management is simply about changing employee behavior.

You don't have to launch into a big expensive culture change program, you can simply identify behaviors that you want to change and set about changing them one behavior in one employee at a time .


Are there any behaviors that you would like to change, in your business?



If so, you might like to consider taking five minutes to identify the behaviors in your business that you would like to Stop, Start or Retain.


Behaviors to Stop

Behaviors to Start

Behaviors to Retain

Stop coming to me with problems



Start coming to me with a problem and a suggested solution Keep trying to identify ways to improve our business

Your Progress on this page   

þ Find out, what is culture?

þ Discover, culture and the management of change



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"Learn how to change your culture one behavior, in one employee at a time" Ian Pratt