When Performance Measurements go Wrong

Do you take accountability for everything in your life?

Personal Accountability

What does your language style, the way you phrase your response, to a less than ideal outcome say about your personal accountability?

There are people who are quick to mitigate responsibility,

    I am waiting for information from John”, and then I can finish that project ……………. I sent him an email last week but he has not replied”

In this example the speaker has taken no personal accountability for completing the task, they have demonstrated little effort towards achieving their goal and little effort to follow up. They are communicating “I did not try too hard to overcome barriers” and is not representing John in a good light.

Personal accountability requires you to phrase your response in terms of what you have done, rather than what you are waiting for

In every situation you are empowered to make a choice, you choose between driving the outcome you desire and simply waiting for others to complete their piece.

People who drive for the outcome they desire, who put every effort into getting everything they need, will also accept accountability in their phrasing

    I have not managed to get the information I need to finish the project ……………… when I spoke with John he advised that he could provide the information next week, then I will be able to finish the project”

This second example shows the speaker took responsibility for not finishing the project and showed collaboration with John. 

When you find yourself in a less than ideal situation, ask yourself “Have I done everything I could have done to get the outcome I desired” …….

Note: sending an email is not classed as taking action.

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