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The Performance Appraisal Process

To show you what a good appraisal process looks like, it is that best we show you the process on a timeline that spans 12 months, as most appraisals systems are developed and appraised annually.

The diagram, below, reflects the traditional view of the appraisal process. From this diagram you will see that it is important to develop your performance standards at the beginning of the measurement period and complete your rating and performance interview as close to the end of the rating period as possible.

Generally the start date of a rating period is the first month of your organizations financial year and the appraisal period runs for the full financial year. In the diagram below, the appraisal process assumes the financial year runs for 12 months from 1st July through to 30th June.

Note: Multi-national organizations often have the financial year and appraisals out of synchronization, especially when they operate in regions that recognize different financial year start and end dates to those of the region where their head office is located.


Diagram 1: Traditional View of the Performance Appraisal Process

Performance appraisal Process


Don’t become alarmed if your organization follows the traditional view outlined in the diagram above, it is still the correct process. However, we like to look at this process as one component of your overall performance management processes, rather than as a discrete and stand alone process.

Your performance appraisals should be intrinsically linked to your regular one on ones, you should give feedback in your one on ones on the same criteria that you are using in your performance appraisals.

The diagram below shows both your performance appraisals and your one on ones to highlight that this is one process, rather than two processes.


Diagram 2: Contemporary view of the Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Appraisal Process


How to link with your one on one process

You can link your one on one process with your performance appraisal process by ensuring that in each process you are giving feedback on the same performance criteria. This is illustrated in the diagram below.


Performance Appraisal Process


As you can see, once you have developed your performance criteria for the employee appraisal you can then add this criteria to your one on one template (get your one on one template here).  You can then give rating feedback in each of your one on one’s against these criteria.

By ensuring this alignment exists you will eliminate surprises when the employee receives their appraisal performance rating.



Next Steps

As you can see from the processes on this page, a good appraisal process starts well before you commence rating employee performance. Use the links below to continue your learning jouney and become the kind of leader you always dreamed of being.


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