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MBO Employee Performance Evaluation Form

On this page you will find an example of an appraisal form that uses the graphic rating scale.

This evaluation form has two major sections one for the employee’s



Performance Appraisal Form

Performance Appraisal Form


About this Performance Appraisal Form

This performance plan section is divided into two sub-sections. The first sub-section is where you rate your employee’s performance on their major areas of responsibility.

The second component of the performance plan provides an opportunity for you to rate your employee’s behavior, often in line with the organizations values.

You will note this form includes a section for manager’s comments or for a summary of the employee’s performance.

The major weakness of this rating method is that most people tend to want more clarity on what constitutes the difference between each score on the rating scale.

This clarity is easy to provide when you are talking about tangible measure such as meeting a sales target, for example




20% or greater short of sales target


Between 0.01% and 19.99% short of sales target


Meet sales target


Exceed sales target by less than 20%


Exceed sales target by 20% or greater



However, when it comes to intangible measures such as the behaviors it becomes harder to define the criteria and, if you do invest the time in defining the criteria then you are really not using this form the way it is intended.

In your dialogue with your employees you should be able to explain your reasons for the rating you are proposing and you should have examples to support your rating. However, you should also be open to influence should your employee have examples of performance or behaviors that you may not have originally considered.

The weakness of the form are openly acknowledge, this rating method does not provide clarity for the employee on how to improve their performance. However, it is also lower cost to implement. If you are using this form you should ensure that

  • You can explain your reasons for each performance score, and
  • You have examples to support your rating

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