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"Easy to learn Powerful Positive Feedback that motivates for Performance"


Imagine what it would be like if you could easily motivate your people to perform above expectations – and you had the ability to awaken their enthusiasm, commitment and passion  ……… what would that be worth to you?

The thought of engaging employee's discretionary effort has always been appealing to leaders. Why? Obviously, because engaging employees discretionary effort plays a major role in shaping the success of the talented few leaders who know how to do it well.

As you read every word of this article - you will discover advanced employee motivation techniques that will astonish you with their simplicity.You will learn leadership techniques that you can use to inspire your people to commit 120% to your goals ....... and, even more importantly ...... I will show you how to use these leadership techniques to improve your team’s performance by as much as 30%.

The leadership techniques that I am about to reveal to you have been shown to generate high levels of employee enthusiasm – virtually unprecedented commitment to your goals, in most cases. This motivational arsenal is so powerful that I expect more productivity gains to be attributed to using it than any other technique.  Heck, these techniques stir such potent emotional connections in your employees, that I would not be surprised if you get assigned to bigger leadership challenges.



What is discretionary effort and how do I unlock it?

Discretionary effort is the extra effort an employee is willing to put in above the minimum effort required to complete the job. When you unlock your peoples discretionary effort they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your team or business achieves its goals.

Have you ever wondered why so many companies invest in surveys to

  • understand their organization’s climate, or
  • identify the level of employee satisfaction, or
  • to measure employee engagement?

Obviously, because every manager knows that their employees are more willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of their team or business when you have a positive organizational climate or strong employee satisfaction.

But what is more amazing is that only a handful of organizations take meaningful action to unlock their employee’s discretionary effort. Extensive surveys across all industry sectors show that as many as 83% of employees do not believe their manager tries to engage their discretionary effort.

The astonishing thing is that the leaders who do unlock their employee’s discretionary effort are only using only a few additional leadership techniques.

The American institute of human resources commissioned research into the drivers of employee performance to discover what really makes a difference. It was no surprise when they discovered that frequent, meaningful informal feedback has more impact on employee performance than any other leadership technique. That's right! frequent and meaningful informal feedback is more effective at unlocking discretionary effort than all other leadership techniques.

All that is required is for the leader to illustrate how the employee’s performance strengths and personal characteristics are critical in helping the team or business to achieve their goals. This can now be done effortlessly through the use of informal feedback that follows a simple and easy to learn format.

Using our simple, easy to learn format your employees become a voluntary and willing participants and become happily involved in your teams success. Imagine, with less than 2 minutes of pre-work you could provide feedback that would unlock your employee’s discretionary effort. How good would that be!



Here is the amazing part!

You can initiate the sequence of unlocking your employees discretionary effort at the snap of your fingers when you use the secret formulae known as the "four levels of praise". These four levels of praise when used in the right sequence activate a human predisposition that will see your employees commit to your goals without resistance.

Obviously, these four levels of praise will usher in ........ an immensely more effective era of leadership.


Do you know why?

Have you ever wondered how some leaders manage to lead high performing teams no matter which team they lead? .... you may have noticed that employees often want to get into their team, even though they know they will be working a lot harder! ..... perhaps you have even wanted to work for a particular leader?

Do you know why? Hint: When a leader engages their employees discretionary effort the employee feels like they are a part of something important ....... that they matter and their contribution is valued.

Wouldn't you want to know the leadership technique that can quickly and easily turn you into one of these leaders?



How was "the four levels of praise" discovered?

With over 20 years of experience leading and coaching leaders, Ian Pratt has successfully provided guidance to a staggering number of leaders to help them to improve their leadership capabilities. During this time Ian identified that most leaders only needed to make a few minor changes to their leadership to make a significant improvement to their teams performance. In workshops with countless numbers of employees there was a common thread that leaders were not providing the kind of feedback that the employees were longing for ....... and in workshops with the leaders there was a common lack of understanding of what good quality feedback looked like. Ian develop an easy to learn model for giving feedback to help these leaders to improve the quality of their informal feedback.

Result: Over the next few weeks many of these leaders observed improvements in their team's performance of greater than 30% and at the same time the quality of their working relationships with their team, their peers and their managers all improved.

In his new e' book "Leading people towards excellence" Ian reveals four easy to learn ....... and powerful feedback formulae ....... that are proven to engage employee discretionary effort.

Folks this e' book will graphically show you how you can significantly improve your chances of leadership success by understanding the proven motivational effect of informal feedback using the four levels of praise that Ian spent 20 years learning ....... an education that he has already shared with so many leaders to improve their leadership capabilities. He has artfully taken his knowledge and applied it to the dynamics of busy leaders and crafted an e' book unlike anything you will find elsewhere. This is an e' book that should be on every leaders desk.

Ian first discovered the power of the four levels of praise and applied it to 5 teams in one business ....... then observed performance improve by greater than 30% almost immediately. He has since shared this informal feedback model with leaders in a number of businesses who have all seen significant improvements in their business performance.

Here's an important question: Now that you know the application of the four levels of praise is proven to work in any business, what would happen if you also used started using this easy to learn leadership technique?


If your curious what you will find in Ian's book "Leading people towards excellence" here's a sneak-peak:


  • Proven strategies that you can start using straight away to make your employees feel valued at work
  • Learn how frequent use praise statements can be used to give appreciation in a way that inspires your employees to go the extra mile for you
  • Discover how meaningful praise statements are used to create a powerful link between your employee and your organizations goals
  • Learn how these two categories of praise can work in tandem to instantly engage your employees discretionary effort
  • Find out how to construct a feedback statement that is guaranteed to increase retention of high performing employees
  • Create and reinforce a strong sense of purpose for you people, inspire them to achieve a higher goal
  • Proven tactics for building a stronger network that will improve your leadership potential
  • Find out how to use informal feedback to get into the minds of your employees and motivate them to strive to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to overcome common barriers to providing motivational feedback and see your team's productivity grow
  • Enhance your strategic leadership by using informal feedback to reinforce your strategic direction and gain commitment to from your people
  • Unravel resistance to change effortlessly using proven techniques to draw your people towards your changed environment
  • Find out how you can improve your team's performance without spending a dime
  • Discover when email can be used to provide praise to your employees and tips for writing emails that your employees will enjoy reading
  • Innovative four levels of feedback model, that is easy to learn and you can start using it straight away
  • Exercises and self tests to help you develop your leadership potential, with examples to ensure you master this new and innovative feedback model

Warning: some employees will become overwhelmed with joy when you first start to use the four levels of praise, for many you will be the the leader who has given them feedback that truly recognizes and values them and their contribution.



Here's what people are saying about Ian Pratt's break through e' book:

Product Review - Jane - Technical Team Manager

"A must read for anyone in or aspiring to a leadership position! I am a technical manager leading a team of technical people, before I read this e' book I had no end of issues in my team. Now my staff come to work and want to do a great job, there is no conflict in my team and productivity is up by greater than 35%. One of my employees who used to hate coming to work and always tried to avoid doing her work recently bought me flowers to thank me for all of the support I have given her recently, she now competes to be the most productive member of my team"


Product Review - Ann-Marie Boyle - Manager Human Resources

"I help managers to improve their effectiveness everyday, Ian's e' book is innovative and has provided a simple model that makes it easy to coach leaders on how to use informal feedback to improve their relationship with their staff. The managers that use these techniques tend to have far less stress and frustration than they used to have, there is a lot more to this e' book than Ian reveals"


Product Review - Michelle - Processing Team Coach

"I have read a number of books on coaching and motivation and have had considerable success in helping team members to achieve their KPI's. However, now that I have read this e' book I am able to easily link my coaching to the organizations goals and are finding employees are more excited to develop their skills when they feel that they are an important part of the organization and that their contribution is valued"



Here is the good news:

Now that you realize that using the motivational power of informal feedback will turbo charge your leadership capabilities, you will be surprised to learn that you can have Leading people towards excellence for a very small investment of $49. Immediately after you order, you will receive download and unlock information that will allow you to read Ian Pratt's Leading people towards excellence online. You can apply one or more of these techniques today, and literally start engaging your employees discretionary effort right away. Click now.


When you order you will also receive a PDF of our 1000 ways to praise your people poster valued at $25 at no extra cost.

Try it now risk free. If you are not satisfied, just let me know within 30 days and I will issue a no-hassle refund. Although it is highly unlikely that you will be anything less than thrilled with Leading people towards excellence, should you decide to request a refund, the free bonus, 1000 ways to praise your people poster is yours to keep and enjoy as my gift just for taking me up on this offer.

Ian Pratt mastered building high performing teams throughout his career, and has help many leaders to achieve career success by leading their people towards excellence. I dare you to use Leading people towards excellence in your business, and create leadership and career success of your own. Take this challenge now!



Best regards,



Ian Pratt

Founder, whatmankesagoodleader.com


P. S. Frankly, I know nothing that can truly make a significant difference to your employees morale and motivation like the infusion of Ian Pratt's Leading people towards excellence in to your day to day leadership.

Get the four levels of praise now!

That is right! your people will come to work and enthusiastically make every effort to meet your business objectives.





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