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MBO Employee Performance Evaluation Form

On this page you will find an example of a MBO form, which includes sections for the employee’s performance plan and their development plan.

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Performance Appraisal Form



The performance plan requires you to identify the top three major areas of responsibility for the employee and define a performance goal for each area of responsibility.

Given this employee performance evaluation form is for use with goals developed using an MBO approach it is acceptable for the goals to have an intangible element to them.

Some goals have a long timeframe to them, for example “to achieve an employee engagement score of greater than 80%”. As a leader you are required to give feedback on the employee’s progress towards this goal each month, even though you are likely to only measure employee engagement annually.

So, whilst the goal is tangible your feedback on progress during the year will be based on intangibles.

You will also note, on this form you are not required to provide a numeric rating, rather you are required to comment on the employees goal achievement. In this section it is common to describe the method the employee adopted in their attempt to achieve their goals.


For example,

While you are actively seeking to improve your employee engagement through initiatives such as your team member of the month program and your employee lunches, I don’t see much evidence in your ability to engage your employees in the process of improving your engagement score.

At this stage I would rate you as not meeting expectations.

The performance gap is the level of employee participation in identifying and prioritizing issues for resolution, and employee involvement in resolving those issues.

Success would see your employees actively involved in all phases of planning and implementing improvements that result in an improved employee morale.


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